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                   CERTIFIED vS eXPERIMENTAL
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The NC vs NX Challenge (Certified vs Experimental) will include three individual challenges. A WIN is based on points.
1) The category with the most aircraft on hand – Team NC or Team NX.
2) The People’s Choice Payoff.
3) T-shirt sales

The categories are CERTIFIED and EXPERIMENTAL; Team NC and Team NX. Whichever group tallies to the largest total on hand for the weekend wins this round of the overall challenge, worth 1 point. The counting begins at 4PM on Friday September 16th, 2016 and ends at 10AM on Sunday September 18th, 2016.

The People’s Choice Pay Off is part two of the challenge. Sitting near the aircraft tally board will be two jars. One will be labeled CERTIFIED and the other will be labeled EXPERIMENTAL. Drop money into the one that represents your favorite category. The category with the largest total dollar amount wins this round of the overall challenge. A basic win is worth one point (ie: If NC collects $200 and NX collects $203, then NX wins one point). If winner wins with over twice the amount of the other team, is worth two points (ie: If NC collects $200 and NX collects $403, then NX wins two points). All proceeds go to our 501(c)3 non-profit, The Lee Bottom Aviation Refuge.

The third round of the challenge is T-shirt sales. Actually the first to happen, the competition begins August 1st, 2016 and continues through August 22nd, 2016. Support your favorite team, even if you can’t make the fly-in, by purchasing a “Team NC” or “Team NX” T-shirt. For the next three weeks we will post regular updates on sales. When the deadline arrives, the team with the most T-shirt sales wins this round of the challenge, worth one point.

BUT WAIT; THERE'S MORE! The T-shirt part of the challenge comes with a bonus. Wear one of the NC vs NX shirts to the fly-in and get in free. Note: You must be wearing a NC vs NX shirt to get in free. Carrying it doesn't count.

Buy your T-Shirt CLICK HERE

A tie will be decided by a coin toss on Sunday.

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