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Does it cost anything to attend?
  Free if wearing an NC vs NX T-Shirt or 
  Printed ticket purchased online required for everyone attending
  12 and under free with adult (no ticket or shirt required)
  Good for entire weekend
  No refunds for advanced purchases

  FROM AUG 1 - AUG 22
  T-Shirts are ordered and shipped from outside vendor
  Expect to receive your t-shirt on or around September 8, 2016
  T-Shirt options start at $20
     Shirt must be worn to the event as your entry ticket
     Those not wearing the shirt will be required to purchase a ticket
     Please be sure to order correct size.   If in doubt, order next size larger.
     No shirts available at event.

  Tickets will be available for purchase online
  Admission Tickets - PRE-PURCHASE OF TICKETS REQUIRED (see below)
  $15 per person (Available August 22 thru Tuesday prior to event)
  $20 per person (Wed thru Sun of event week)
  $15 per aircraft campsite with admission (weekend camping with plane available Aug 22)
  Tickets purchased online and emailed
  Each ticket is individualized with name and barcode
  Online ticket purchasing available through event weekend
Why are you requiring pre-purchase of tickets?
The effort involved in hosting such an event is immense even if it may not appear so. Furthermore, with the remote location of Lee Bottom, finding enough people to fully staff a typical registration tent becomes difficult. The old way simply makes everything unnecessarily complicated for everyone involved. More fun and less work for everyone is what we wanted. This method does just that.

By moving to the pre-purchase of tickets, event planning is greatly improved. Numbers generated by ticket sales help us to know how much food to prepare, volunteer planning is streamlined, and the costs associated with a traditional registration booth are greatly reduced.

More importantly though, by purchasing your tickets in advance, you are playing an important part in keeping the event alive while also increasing the time you’ll have to enjoy the fly-in. When you arrive, you’ll step out of your plane, hand your ticket to a volunteer, and go immediately to enjoying the sites and sounds of the event. Park your plane, make your nest, and enjoy. It’s as simple as that.

Yet, to make it even better, we are also offering discounts on each ticket if purchased prior to the event. It is very important for us to have some idea of how many people are going to be here and this does that for us. Otherwise, we could run out of food and that is something we simply do not want.
What is there to do?
Ans: We say "It's the most nothing you'll ever do".  There are no schedules, no programs, and no expectations.  People show up, look at airplanes, talk to other pilots, hang out, eat lunch (around noon), then do more of the same.  Everyone gets out of it what they want.  

If I'm flying in, are there special procedures I should follow?
Ans: Yes, these will be published in our newsletter and on the website in August.  Please be sure to check back.

What will I see?
Ans: That just depends.  We do not schedule any special appearances or pay any attendance fees.  Those attending are doing so because they love aviation and flying.  So, it is always a surprise to everyone.  But, if the weather is good, you can be sure to see a wide variety of general aviation, antique, and classic aircraft.    

Is it a fly-in or an airshow?
Ans: A fly-in is an event normally held at an airport where pilots are invited to fly their aircraft to put it on display for visitors and fellow pilots to view.  Additionally, pilots love coming to fly-ins where there is Food, Fun, and Fellowship and is often compared to a car show. An airshow is an event at which aviators display their flying skills and the capabilities of their flying machines to spectators. Often the airspace is closed during these times of display so that general aviation aircraft can not get into or out of the airport. The Wood, Fabric, and Tailwheels event at Lee Bottom Flying Field is considered a fly-in event and NOT an airshow.

When can I arrive?
Ans: Aircraft are welcome at anytime.  However, If you plan on arriving prior to Friday at noon, you should contact us to let us know and also be sure you have arrangements for meals.  Due to grass mowing and grounds set-up it is usually hard for us to accommodate anyone prior to this time.  But, if you are willing to have your plane moved, we might be able to work on this.

General Admission GATE for Drive-In's:
Friday:      4PM -     7 PM
Saturday:   8AM -    5 PM
Sunday:     10AM -   noon

Will there be food? 
Ans: We will have food available for all meals from Friday dinner until Sunday breakfast. Any meals above and beyond those listed, you are on your own so please plan accordingly.

Will there be fuel available? 
Ans: NO! This is something that we are working on but please plan on having enough fuel to get to your next fuel stop when you land.

Who can attend?
Ans: All aircraft (yes, this includes metal planes and nosewheel aircraft) and most people are welcome.

Are children welcome?
Ans: Yes, but unattended children will be given espresso and a free puppy before being returned to their parents.

Can I drive in?
Ans: This is a fly-in so we appreciate it when those of you that have airplanes arrive via an airplane.  We refuse to change the name of the event to a drive-in. 
If you do not have an airplane but have an interest in aviation, we DO have limited car parking in the field across the street.    
Those not holding a pilot's license may be required to go through a short orientation class on the appropriate conduct at an airport.

Do you offer airplane rides during the fly-in?
Ans: Occasionally, biplane rides are available during the event, but not always as the fly-in day is simply too busy to add the additional traffic the rides would create.

Do you have handicap facilities?
Ans: This is a tough one for us. We try.  Remember it is an open field covering over 60 acres of grass.  There are a couple limited handicapped parking spots and a drop off area for the elderly or limited mobility individuals.  We also try to provide a handicap accessible port a pot facility.

Does it cost anything to camp?
Ans: Camping with your plane is $15 for the event. The $15 helps cover the costs of everything associated with people staying at the airport around the clock and the extra set-up requirements.

Can I camp under the wing of my airplane?
Ans: Yes.  Camping is $15 for the event with a maximum of 2 tents per airplane.

Can I ship my camping gear to you?
Ans: We do accept gear shipments from people who are flying in and do not have enough room in their plane.  These can be sent to Lee Bottom Flying Field, 7296 S. River Bottom Rd, Hanover, IN  47243   Please put "Hold for_____ (your name here)" on your package so we can easily see it.

Are there shower facilities on the field?
Ans: A local EAA chapter has made us temporary shower units.  These will be available Friday afternoon thru Sunday afternoon.

Can I grill out or build a camp fire
Ans: We do have a fire pit and plan on keeping a roaring fire going for everyone to enjoy on Friday night.  However, due to fire safety concerns, there will be no grills (gas or charcoal) allowed on any part of the airport property and no additional open fire pits.

Techie/Geek questions: Is there wifi? What about charging stations? Can I bring a generator?
Ans: What most people enjoy about Lee Bottom Flying Field is that it is in the middle of nowhere. So, the nights are quiet and you can see the stars. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective), it also means cell and internet service is very limited. So, NO wifi on the field and the cell service comes in 3g with 1 or 2 bars for most carriers depending on the place you are standing on the field. We have Verizon and can usually make short calls and definitely can utilize texting. There will be 3 or 4 110v power strips available for charging. Prefer no gas generators. We have used solar chargers at Oshkosh for spare batteries pretty effectively.

Can I use a camp stove?
Ans: We'd like to encourage those attending to take advantage of the food being served.

However, we realize that there are certain food allergies, diets, etc that we can't accommodate. Therefore, so that everyone feels welcome and can enjoy themselves, the rules for camping stoves are basically the same that you'd see at Oshkosh. . .

Careful use of white gas or propane fired camp stoves is allowed for personal cooking needs, provided they are used in an area well away from parked aircraft (and other flammable sources), and that the lit stove is attended at all times. It is strongly recommended that the aircraft nearest the stove be checked for any fuel fumes or leakage, and the stove be elevated above ground level. Also, please remember that a fabric covered aircraft are very flammable.

Can I bring my pet?
Ans: NO. . . We love animals, as many can attest, but cannot accommodate them during the fly-in.  The fly-in is not a good or safe environment for pets.

Is there smoking allowed at the airport?
Ans: NO.  Aircraft fuel is highly flammable as are the composition materials of older aircraft.  There is NO SMOKING on any airport property.

Can I bring a cooler?
Ans: YES.  But please remember there is NO ALCOHOL allowed at the airport during daylight (aircraft operation) hours.

Will there be transportation to and from the motels?
Ans: No, not at this time.

What if the weather is bad?
Ans: If it looks questionable, check the website to see if it has been postponed. Our decision will be posted by 10PM (ESDT) Friday Night. The rain date is always Sunday, the next day. We have had over 5 inches of rain at 2AM on Saturday morning and still been able to get 250 planes in and out of the field later that day. Please realize that people are attending from many different locations. Weather may be bad in your part of the country and good at our location. Our goal is to have the event on Saturday.

Do you accept credit cards?
Ans: We prefer cash or a good check but could accept a credit card in emergency situations.

Will you have an ATM machine?
Ans: NO.  Plan accordingly.

Where do I pick up pre-purchased tickets?
Ans: Your personalized ticket(s) will be emailed to you with your name and a unique bar code imprinted on each ticket. Print them off, put them in a safe place and bring them with you to the event.

Can I pass out flyers or advertise my event, group, or business?
Ans: As our list of sponsors grow along with the event, we are sure that you will understand that we have to limit advertising, promotions, and flyers to those that have made a commitment to helping US grow YOUR general aviation event.  If you wish to solicit, sell, or advertise ask us about our sponsor opportunities.   Out of respect for us and our vendors and sponsor we would hope no one would show up and try to promote or sell something without making an appropriate contribution to the airport.

How do I cross the runway?
Ans: We hate to be tyrants on this however one infraction ruins it for everyone and we want to continue to host the event for you to enjoy.  Therefore during daylight hours everyone MUST RIDE THE SHUTTLE or WALK to the NORTH end and cross.
We don't care if you've been around airplanes your entire life, live on an airport, have a bad leg, or . . .  we've heard them all. Please set a good example and wait on the shuttle or walk. 

What is the airport code of conduct?
DO NOT touch any airplane without the owners permission
Walk behind aircraft . . . NOT in front
Stay away from propellers
NO ALCOHOL allowed during daylight (aircraft operation) hours
Pedestrians Cross runway at NORTH end ONLY and cross QUICKLY
Pedestrians DO NOT cross taxi-way boundary line
No Pets
By attending . . . you waive all liability and claims against owners
Have FUN!


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