Red Baron
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With the help of a couple "Lee Bottom Devotees", we have created the necessary paperwork to form a museum with 501(c)3 status based at Lee Bottom Flying Field.
Museum Hanga

The focus of the museum will be the airports that served aviation from the 1940’s era and before as well as the aircraft that frequented them. What we realized is that everyone is trying to save aircraft but no one is trying to save the antique airports. We want to ensure at least one of these airports is kept alive – much like keeping a wildlife preserve or refuge as pristine as possible to support the great birds that inhabit the area, we will exist for a different type of bird.
Museum complex

So now, if you can, imagine a fully operational 1930's airport . . . several old style hangars with signs such as “RYAN”, “STINSON”, “PIPER”, “CURTISS,” etc above the door complimented by an old airway beacon, a Model T fuel truck, pilots in white jump suits talking about their airplanes, and the possibility of an old gas station, an old general store, a small set of grandstands, and an old ferris wheel . . . then you can get the picture of the living aviation museum that we are trying to create.
Museum hangar row
A special thanks to David Lord for creating the artist rendition paintings of this museum.