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A little about us. . . We like airplanes and aviation. . . .

Rich flies jets for a living but would rather be ferrying an antique airplane across the country. Over the years, he has been a barnstormer with a vintage biplane ride business he operated out of Meigs Field and the Keys, has flown cargo in DC-3’s, and has ferried or flown vintage aircraft in nearly every state.

Ginger is an aviation nut that probably pursued the wrong career early on when she turned down an appointment to the Naval Academy because they wouldn't allow girls to fly fighters. After 15 years in the computer industry, she manages our privately-owned public-use airport which has a 4100’ grass runway.

Together, we’ve flown over 200+ different models of airplanes and haven’t met one that we didn’t like. Every spare penny goes back into aviation in some manner. We hope that everything we do allows the next generation to enjoy the freedom of flying as much as we do.
NORDO News is our "almost monthly" e-pub newsletter. Numerous other publications exist for reporting aviation news, events, and classifieds; that's not for us. We want to fill a void by voicing “real” concerns about aviation. Some of them you have heard before, some of them you’ve thought yourself but were afraid no one else agreed, and others are new to you but they'll get you thinking. Originally started as a way to keep the patrons of Lee Bottom Flying Field abreast of events, it has transpired into a little more. The content ranges from Ideas, editorials, experiences, anecdotes, awareness, satire, critical and controversial reviews. But, the primary focus is to “hold aviation to a higher standard”.

Today, the newsletter is emailed out to those that SIGNUP or you can view it in a more timely fashion from our BLOG.